Leave no trace…irrespective of where you’re going, make sure you leave nothing more than your footprints! Look for eco-friendly travel options— that’s what we want travelers to do! Do you know what eco-friendly travel is and how to do it? Does it demand travelers sleep all through the trip in a tent or you have to cook your meals on a solar-powered camp stove? Some people think that eco-friendly travel is simply a fad or a trend — but it’s indeed a stronger, more immutable term. In reality, sustainable travel or ecotourism is about being clean with simpler choices — all you need is to take smaller steps & know these simple leisure travel tips making sure you’re not disturbing the balance of nature & are not polluting the environment. In this section, we’ll have on your platter interesting stuff pertaining to “eco-friendly travel.” We’ll take you through your journey & make things clearer — how your small conscious steps can make a huge cumulative impact. In the past few years, there has been a sharp increase in the popularity of this term and many travel industry experts are adopting a variety of eco-friendly practices like automatically turning off the electric power, the moment a guest leaves the room. Some hotels have already installed water recycling systems & solar panels on their rooftops to regulate consumption. The number of key players in the tourism industry, taking steps to save the planet, is increasing very fast. And, that increases the responsibility on the part of travelers to create a greener world while they travel & learn more these leisure travel tips. Read our latest articles on Eco-Friendly Travel to discover — how to be good for the people, the environment & the locations where you’re traveling. Go Green! Leave no trace!! Travel like you’ve never traveled!!


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