Dream Tour To Punta Cana

This trip to Punta Cana has been a dream come true for me. I have been planning for a solo trip for quite a long time. I searched through various destinations and finally decided upon Punta Cana as my solo tour destination. Since I have never been to Latin America before, I needed a guide who could guide me about the place and make the trip smooth and comfortable for me. For this, Leisure.com came to my rescue!

I have been on a number of trips with Leisure in the past. Since the day I traveled with the travel company, it has become my permanent travel guide. I once again called up the travel coordinator and asked him to arrange this dream tour for me. He took no time to assign this fabulous travel agent who had the most amazing trip itinerary for me. Since it was my first trip to this destination, I had no prior trip-related requirements. I just wanted to make the most of my time over there and welcome every surprise that comes along the way. The travel agent guessed this desire of mine and customized the trip as a personal gift to me from his side. He included all the places he wanted me to see in order to get the true vibes of the place and activities he assumed would interest me. 

I must say he has been the perfect travel guide for me as I absolutely loved each and every activity included by him. All the places were unique in their own way carrying a certain degree of fascination around them. I loved em all!


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