A Wishful Tour to Latin America

Just last month, I and my sister decided on a trip to Latin America and started looking out for a suitable travel company that could provide us a trip exactly how we wanted. Our search ended when we came across Leisure’s website. We scanned through the various articles on Latin America and got to our destination. It was Punta Cana!

Punta Cana is a beautiful island in Latin America known for its pristine beaches and lush greenery. Although it is not as famous as its counterpart destinations like Costa Rica, Hawaii or chile, the peace and laid-back vibe appeals to a great number of tourists who are looking for some quiet yet fun vacation. Impressed by their work, I filled up the inquiry form and luckily, received a response from their end the very next day itself. The travel coordinator asked us about our trip requirements and interests and accordingly connected us with a tour agent. He was such an impressive personality with a vivid mind. He shared with us some of the fascinating facts about Punta Cana and offered us some wonderful suggestions. The next day he presented in front of us a personalized Punta Cana tour itinerary which was designed exactly the way we wanted our trip to be. 

We are highly impressed with the service provided by Leisure’s team and wish to plan yet another tour with them in the near future! 


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