Enlightening Group Tour to Punta Cana

Just last week, I returned from this Punta Cana tour which happened to be a group tour of 17 strangers. Although, came back from the tour making 17 good friends. From a very long time I have wanted to visit this beach island. I contacted Leisure.com, a U.S. based travel company and booked a Punta Cana vacation tour. 

I went through the various articles on Punta Cana on Leisure’s website and instantly fell in love with the island. I then filled up the enquiry form and luckily received a response within just 2 hours. The travel coordinator asked me about my trip requirements and interests. I wished for a group tour as I had no companion and din’t wish to go on a solo tour. Group tour is a great way to make some good like-minded friends and to get to know new perspectives. Punta Cana is not a popular travel destination unlike its famous counterparts such as Cuba, Chile and Hawaii, though it's equally fun. I got to know about the beauty of this place from a fellow traveler buddy and decided to go on a Punta Cana vacation as soon as I could. Each and every experience I had in Punta Cana is fresh in my mind. Be it fun beach activities, adventurous sports, relaxing on pristine beach-sides, or simply spending some good moments at the gorgeous accommodation in which we stayed. Everything was fun in its own way. The group activities organized by the tour agent were enlightening and served as the perfect way to bring strangers together. 

I am highly impressed with the service that I received from Leisure team and look forward to going on yet another trip organized by this wonderful travel company! 


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