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Last month, I was so desperate to break off from routine life and visit some beautiful place to spend some quiet moments with my best friend, my wife. I could only take a few days off and so had very little time for the trip. After giving a lot of though, we decided for an island as our tour destination. 

After scanning through internet, I landed on this amazing travel site, Leisure.com. I went through the various articles and felt like approaching the company for my tour help. I filled up the enquiry form and luckily received a response from the company the very next day. The tour coordinator discussed with me my tour budget, requirements and interests. After discussion, he suggested Los Cabos as the perfect island destination for us. We went by his suggestion and he connected us with a Los Cabos tour agent. He showed us some sample itineraries and asked us about our views on the same. After some 2 or 3 days, he presented us with a personally customized itinerary which felt like a dream tour to us. During the trip, we felt absolutely no issues regarding anything, whatsoever. All of the arrangements such as accommodations, transportation and flight reservations were all up-to-date.  

I absolutely recommend this travel company to everyone planning their next trip. They are closely connected to a number of countries’ tourism industry and know how to make any tour make special and memorable for their clients. 

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