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Last month, my wife and I decided to go for a Bulgaria vacation. We started our research for the tour by reviewing a number of packages of several tour companies. However, none was as per our expectations! We somehow felt unsatisfied with every package we saw on the internet. There was no package that included all of the places we wished to visit and almost every package included some tours/activities we had no interest in. During the research, we landed on this travel company’s website Leisure.com. Went through the various reviews and decided to give the company a try.

We filled up the enquiry form available on their website and impressively received their response the very same day. The travel coordinator put us in touch with two amazing travel agents. Both of them were quite knowledgeable of the places we planned on visiting and thrilled about designing customized tours for their clients. We were sure about the fact that we would be working with an amazing travel agent, no matter which of the two we chose. So, we decided to go with one of these travel agents based on our budget and trip requirements. He arranged for all our airfare, accommodations, transfers, bus and train transportation, tickets to all of the activities/sights included in the itinerary as well as some small group tours. 

I must say that we are thoroughly impressed with the service provided by the Leisure team and looking forward to plan yet another team with them. I would happily recommend Leisure to all with the assurity that you won’t be disappointed!

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