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People love to sit at home and scroll the internet for endless hours. After celebrities and influencers, animals are a new trend over the internet. People love to capture and enjoy their cute, funny, and awkward moments. Outside the virtual world, animal buffs love to visit top-rated zoos in the world and destinations that are filled with exotic animals. Traveling and spending time with animals is no less than heaven for a lot of people. Apart from looking out to such destinations, animal lovers are also keen to know about travel with their pet animals. Although traveling is the most fun thing to do, it becomes complicated and stressful if you have to take your pet along with you. When it comes to animal travel, there are different norms by different brands. There are various leisure travel updates on the transportation of the animals as well as their accommodation. We, at leisure.com, understand your love for your pet and thus try to keep you updated with all the latest news and information. From the top-rated zoos in the world where you can spot spectacular animals to the leisure travel update on animal travel, we have it all.


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