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By visiting the Czech Republic, one can bring history to life; the artistic and artful architectural wonderland and impeccable cultural tradition encourage to visit the place. The country is known for its ornate castles, native beers, and long history. Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and home to grand 9th century Prague Castle. In Prague, there are around 30 statues mounted to the balustrade of Charles Bridge, whereas Cesky Krumlov is a small town in the South Bohemia region, which is remarkable for its Gothic architecture, Baroque buildings, and house restaurants and shops.


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Know these Facts about Luxury Czech Republic Tours in 2022


Surrounded by some of the giant economic centers of the world like Austria, Poland, and Germany, the Czech Republic is beautifully located in the Central part of Europe. And, it is the uniquely interesting Medieval architecture and history of the country that makes the Czech Republic one of the most visited tourist attractions in Central Europe.

The affluent culture and history might be a little overawing for the first-time Czech Republic planners. Therefore, the Leisure.com introduction section has been so designed to ward off that fear and offer an opportunity to plan Czech Republic Tours with a happy heart. Moreover, our suggested Czech Republic Travel agents are there to give authentic information on the same.


Let’s know these Facts before planning luxury Czech Republic Tours


Prague - World’s Defenestration Capital

Defenestration-“The action or process of dismissing someone from a position of power or authority.” (for those who are not aware of the word)

With two of the most popularly known defenestrations of the world, taking place in Prague, it is often called World's Defenestration Capital. It was in 1419, July 30 that the first defenestrations of the world took place. This was the incident when an infuriated mob, fighting for the release of many prisoners threw away seven members of the council of Prague city. It was when the council did not agree to their demands that they threw out seven members of the council from the window.

The second of the two defenestrations occurred in 1618, 23rd May. It was when three Catholic representatives in Prague Castle were thrown out of the window by a group of protestors. All of the three survived! Also, there have been many not-so-known defenestrations that have taken place in Prague in the last few years.


Czech Republic Tours - West Of The West

In spite of the fact that Prague is located in the further West than that of Vienna, Austria, Czechoslovakia was named under countries in eastern Europe. But, according to history, the Czech Republic should ideally be considered a part of Central Europe in spite of being considered a part of Orthodox Eastern Europe. In the early 19th century, Bohemian was the language of the Czech language. With this brief information on the topic, we rest assured that our recommended Luxury Czech Republic Tour agents will help with more authentic information on the same.

Czech Republic - The Beer Drinking Country

The people of the Czech Republic are believed to consume more beer than anyone else in the world. On average, they would drink 160 liters of beer per person every year. Planning these Czech Republic Tours is perfect because one can find the original Budweiser here. It would be surprising for some of us to know that the former president of the Czech Republic Václav Havel took the visiting heads to enjoy a beer in pubs. It was in 993AD that beer was brewed in the Czech Republic. Our recommended Czech Republic tour agents and experts are there to choose the best.

Standard Of Living in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is considered to maintain a vibrant living standard than any other states of the former Soviet Bloc country. This fact can be related to the per capita GDP of the country, which is not less than any of the western European countries including Greece and Portugal. The Czech Republic, in the EU, maintains the highest per capita and the high cost of secondary education. Also, the press of the Czech Republic is the 5th freest. Except for Luxembourg, no city in EU countries has higher Per capita GDP than Prague. This makes out that it is important to hire our recommended Czech Republic tour agents and experts while planning a trip. So, that they could guide with the most feasible plan. Most Popular Names in the Czech Republic

We want to mention here the names of some of the most famous names of the Czech Republic. They were Oskar Schindler, Dominik Hašek and Jaromír Jágr (NHL players), Oscar-winning director Miloš Forman, writer Franz Kafka, Ivan Lendl and Martina Navratilova (tennis greats), composer Antonin Dvorak, geneticist Gregor Mendel, Ivana Trump, and Sigmund Freud.

Czech Republic - World’s The Castle capital

Located in the central part of Europe, the Czech Republic was the state where armies aimed to come from all sides. Consequently, many of the castles were built to protect the country. And, the Czech Republic has around 2000 castles resulting in having many castles around the globe. With around 7-hectares, Prague castle is the longest in the World.

Czech Republic - Divided Many Times

On Czech Republic Tours meeting a person between the ages of 90 to 100 would be really an exhilarating experience. One can interact with the person and get to know that the person might have lived in many different countries throughout his/her lifetime. The Czech Republic has been a part of Germany, Czechoslovakia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Poland, and the Protectorate Moravia and Bohemia. Much before that it also used to be a part of the Kingdom of Bohemia, the Holy Roman Empire, and Moravia. 

Off-the-beaten Experiences on Czech Republic Tours!

Experience the Charm of Prague

In Europe, Prague is one of the most charming cities and is a favorite of many! Prague, as named as the cradle of Czech culture, is one of the most fascinating places in the country. This medieval towns houses many of the stunning Gothic architecture that attracts tourists from around the globe. Brimming with a huge number of tourist sites including the 9th-century Prague Castle, the astronomical clock, the astronomical clock, and much more, it makes for tourists most sought after tourist destinations. And, the Vltava River with castles in the backdrop is undoubtedly an amazing experience ever. Our recommended Czech Republic Tour agents know every corner of this breathtakingly beautiful city covered in snow.

Bohemian Switzerland - A Must-Explore Site

We can assure our valued clients and travel enthusiasts that the time spent in Bohemian Switzerland is going to be most rejuvenating. This site offers an opportunity to do a number of things. Also, there are plenty of surprisingly unique things to see including Elbe River Canyon, Pravcicka Gate, and Tisa Rocks. In addition to that, the Bohemian Switzerland-Sunrise is an outstanding experience of the Czech Republic Tours.

The Charismatic Brno - Discovering its Charm

Thousands of students from different parts of the country come here to attend university. And, their chirpings and murmurings make for the charm of clubs and cafes. Listed as the second largest city of the country, it has to be there on everyone's Czech Republic tours. In spite of the bustling in the cities, one can get to feel that lazy type of environment when needed. What makes this quaint city a must-see place in the country is its popular museums, colorful leaning townhouses, and a microbrewery.

Interact with Locals - An Exciting Experience

Mixing up with the locals in the Czech Republic is a perfect idea because of the friendly nature. They guide the tourists who have come to see their country in the best possible way helping acquaint them with the culture here and sampling the most delicious Czech cuisine. Be prepared they may invite their guests to share a glass of beer with them. If that level of comfort comes up they may also invite their guests to go for a tour. It's easy to make friends on Czech Republic tours as people here are extremely social and they like making new friends. No just said, but truly they can become friends forever from an interaction of a few hours.

Liberec - Exploring the city with Fresh Air

Liberec is often referred to as a city of fresh air! It’s a small and charmingly appealing city and located at a very small distance from Prague. This modernized city still maintains its natural charm and there’s plenty of things one can do here. There’s no dearth of undefined natural beauty, flamboyant cafes, and a large number of trails for rock climbing and hiking. The location of Liberec appeals to most tourists from around the world. With our recommended Luxury Czech Republic tour agents one can roam around every nook and cranny of the city.

ÄŒeský Krumlov Castle - Can’t miss its Beauty

Located in the south Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, ÄŒeský Krumlov is one of the most visited tourist locations in the country. And, the mammoth 13-century castle is the charm of the city. There are plenty of elements in this pretty epic castle including Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic. And, also the 11-hectare pristine garden, a towering belltower, and an original 17th-century baroque are the real charm of the city. From the sweeping belltower, one can get a perfect view of the city. And, that's not the only reason that one plan for the Czech Republic tours. There is a huge number of restaurants, shops, riverside picnic spots, and picturesque architecture.

Šumava National Park- The Green Roof of Europe

Šumava National Park is the site where one can get on to climb the green roof of Europe! Located in the South Bohemian regions of Czechia, one can see perfectly dense forest landscape that is all full of canyons, emerging peaks, mysterious peat bogs, and crystal-clear glacial lakes. Our luxury Czech Republic tour agents will be there on your voyage with a helping hand. Teeming with plentiful plants, many species of animals, the harmonious landscape will be extremely rejuvenating.

It's a wonderful experience standing at the peak of the mountain looking at the green roof. You can't help, but feel a tiny space in this infinite Universe. But, at the same time, this will give you immense happiness being a part of this big Universe. One should never miss this experience with Czech Republic tours.

Krkonoše Mountains - Enjoy Czech Republic Winter Sports

A trip to the Czech Republic is not complete without visiting the Krkonoše Mountain Range and trying out snowboarding and skiing. And, this spot is particularly a great option for those who enjoy winter sports. The atmosphere in the town of Špindlerův Mlýn is incredible. And, there’s too much to do here on even if it’s Autumn.


The best time to Visit CzechRepublic Tours

In the tourism sector, the Czech Republic has gradually earned itself a special place. It's one of the most popular destinations among travel buffs. For the last few years, the charm of this charming land was not discovered. But, travel enthusiasts have finally discovered the charisma of its perfectly built architecture, remarkable countryside, and warm people. Walking through the streets of this perfectly beautiful location makes one feel like being into the medieval movie times.

But, it's immensely important to find the best time to visit the Czech Republic whether one is planning for a trip to Cesky Krumlov or Prague. This way one can be sure of getting the best of what the country has to offer to its tourists. Every season has something to offer to tourists. But, of course, there are times when the country unfolds the beautiful side. For those who are connecting to our Czech Republic tour agents and experts, it's easy to get all the required information. But, for those who are planning a trip on their own, we are here to help with this authentic and meticulously created this piece of content. Read on to discover the best time to plan Czech Republic Tours.

Quick Facts to Help when to Plan Czech Republic Tours

Best Time to Plan Czech Republic Tours: March to May & September to November

Tourist Season: June to August

Low Tourist Season: November to March

Spring Season: March to May

Summer Season: June to August

Fall Season: November

Winter Season: November to March


  1. Spring is the best to plan Czech Republic Tours from mid-March to mid-May.  The fall season is also great for planning a trip to this part of Europe as during this part of the year, there isn’t much cloud and also the weather is pleasant.
  2. The tourist season here is June to August. In this part of the year, one can see plenty of tourist crowd in the area and the weather is going to be warm.
  3. Winter can be too cool here and most of the accommodations won’t be opened during this part of the season. But, for those who want to witness a great Christmas celebration, this can be a great time to plan Czech Republic Tours.


Accommodations  on Czech Republic Tours

  1. The prices for accommodations in Czech Republic Tours will vary from 175 CZK (if it's a small town) to 400 CZK ( for bigger towns like Prague). This estimation is for a single bed.

  2. These accommodations provide free WiFi throughout the stay that makes the trip more enjoyable.

  3. Also, most of these accommodations will provide a personal kitchen space for their guests where they can cook whatever they want to.

  4. For those who want a double bed accommodation, they will have to between 500-700 CZK. This will usually include wifi uses and the prices will again vary according to the location chosen. To keep our valued customers informed we would like to mention here that in Prague charges are the highest.

  5. For a stay in a budget hotel that also includes complimentary breakfast, the price may be 900 CZK.

  6. Most of the luxury hotels in the Czech Republic are located in bigger cities and most of them are in Prague without any doubt.

  7. For those who want shared accommodations will have to pay on an average 450 CZK for one night stay on Czech Republic Tours.

  8. Those who are looking for an apartment will, the expenses will be around 1500 CZK for one night stay.

  9. Also, campgrounds can be easily found in every corner of the country perfect for those who want to set up their own tents.

For general information, the Czech Republic is a member of the European Union and the Schengen Area travel region. U.S. and Canadian citizens are given a visa-free 90-day stay upon arrival at any of the international airports or land borders. Technically you must register with the foreign police within three days of arriving, but this is taken care of by your tour guide or hotel.  The country’s central location means there are so many ways to turn.

A key consideration before you go is how the Czech Republic will fit into your European vacation. Even with three weeks, there’s enough to keep you entertained just in Czech. Only with a week in Europe, the country may be combined with one or two others. There’s Germany to the west, Poland to the north, Austria to the south (Vienna is very close), then the whole of Eastern Europe beckoning as well. With its superb transport connections (mainly by air and rail through Prague), the Czech Republic is easy to incorporate into any European itinerary.


How to be Safe & Healthy on Czech Republic Tours


  1. There won't be any difficulty while traveling to the Czech Republic, but people must keep their eyes to theft and street crimes, especially Prague.

  2. Never try exchanging money on the streets as that can be counterfeit. Go to the nearest bank or exchange office instead.

  3. Be attentive while using ATMs and never respond to men or women on the streets pretending as prostitutes. They might be pickpockets.

  4. Drugs sale is illegal in the Czech Republic. So, never go for it while in pubs or bars they may cause trouble in the end.

  5. Take good care of consumption cards if it's lost, one can be penalized.


  1. Before venturing in for Czech Republic Tours, one must make sure to make a list of doctors and hospitals here.

  2. Make sure to purchase some medical evacuation insurance before planning the trip.

  3. It’s important to carry a card that has all the information on the chronic conditions, blood group, or any other kind of allergy you suffer while traveling to this destination.

  4. Here in the Czech Republic, it may be that some drugs prescribed are illegal. Therefore, you must make sure to contact the embassy and assure that you can carry along these prescribed medicines.

  5. Don’t forget leaving any medicine that you have been using regularly.

The People & Customs of Czech Republic Tours

Czech greeting:

  1. Czech people greet each other in a reserved manner. They don’t like showing off affection publicly.

  2. They won’t often smile too much, but that definitely is not an indication of a bad mood. Cech people are just like that!

  3. At first, one may not feel a warm welcome, but it’s not like that. Just the way is all different.

  4. Czech drink beer more than any other country in the world and so you may be offered the same as a guest.

Czechs are more complex:

  • The people of the Czech Republic may look a little more complex than one may have expected. Keep in mind, they are not just the beer guzzlers.

  • In this country, with wonder and grandeur, there's plenty of it to discover, explore, and be amazed.

  • Before planning Czech Republic Tours, one must learn a few Czech words that will make it comfortable interacting with the locals.

  • One may find Mastercard and Visa ATMs almost everywhere. There is zero percentage of chances that one has to face any problem withdrawing Czech Koruna.

  • At some of the places in the country, Euros are accepted, but one should not completely rely on the same.

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