American Express Membership Rewards® Program

If you are an American Express Card member enrolled in the American Express Membership Rewards® Pay with Points program, you are now invited to use your points to pay for your next cruise or vacation! American Express Membership Rewards® Points are part of American Express' loyalty program, which enables you to earn points when you use your American Express Card. Now, those points can add up to big savings on your next cruise - and can even pay for the entire vacation!

AmEx Membership Rewards®

Use your American Express Membership Rewards® to help pay for your next vacation.


What is Pay with Points (PWP)?

Pay with Points (PWP) permits you to redeem your points through your American Express® Membership Rewards® points for booking any Cruise tour, vacation package, or Air vacation. If not this, you can simply inform your Leisure American Express® Travel Representative to apply for your points with the card information to redeem your points.

How do I know if my American Express Card is eligible for Pay with Points?

To participate, you must have an eligible American Express Card enrolled in the U.S. Membership Rewards® program that must not be canceled or past due and authorized to use points.

How often can I use PWP?

The cardholders can use these points option as long as they have points in their MR account.

What are the minimum points that a card holder can use?

Around 1,000 points can be used as the minimum amount of points by a card holder.

How many days does PWP need to reach my American Express® credit card?

The process of credit and deduction begins when the payment has been applied and the American Express Agency Services desk (ASD) requests for a point transfer. Usually, the credit is applied within 7 days but depending on the card’s process, the application may carry over to the following cycle.

Do Non-US issued cards eligible for Pay with Points option?

No, only the US issued cards are eligible for the Pay with Points option.

Does the PWP option is applicable to hotel and car rental booking?

This option is eligible only for pre-paid vacations and there are some hotels and car rental services that do not have pre-paid option.

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